Using the drugs is essential thing to keep our body in a health condition. However, it is very important to read and try to get more information about the side effects of the drugs.
Your doctor should be the right person for this, not Google!

In this blog post we will pay attention on two often used dugs and their side effects: lisinopril side effects and metformin side effects.

Here is some information about Lisinopril side effects.

Lisinopril side effects

Lisinopril belongs to a type of medicines known as ACE inhibitors (angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors). One more purpose of lisinopril is after stroke, where it actually improves the rate of surviving.

Lisinopril is a medicine that do not have to much side effects. Serious lisinopril side effects are quite unusual for the majority of people. Even if lisinopril cause a significant difficulties doctors in most cases do not stop the treatment with this drug unless of course it is definitely required!

The most frequent lisinopril side effects, before body accept the medicine, which takes only several days, would be light-headedness and dizziness.
Additionally there are some side effects which are not that often, but still worth to be mentioned: coughing(usually dry), tiredness, hypotension and head ache.
Sometimes, but really often, patients can feel tremors, aches, weakness, tingling, allergy, xerostomia, impotence problems and diarrhea.

All these side effects takes us to conclusion that lisinopril is not that dangerous medication, so it is not even considered of medical importance! Lisinopril side effects are certainly not taken into consideration dangerous and deadly, people can't be sure what side effects it can have on them, mainly because of individual reaction!

Information about metformin side effects:

metformin side effects

What Is Metformin? It is an anti diabetic medication that is accustomed to deal with sort two diabetes. When used properly, the way it is prescribed by medical doctors, metformin side effects does not appear that much!

One of the most serious of metformin side effects is lactic acidosis. This appears to happen very frequent to patients. If you are using metformin as prescribed, you should not be concerned about lactic acidosis - only one patient of 33000 suffer from this side side effect! Furthermore persons that suffer because of hypothyroidism must be cautious when they make use of metformin, they must seek advice from their own medical doctor prior to when thinking about begin making use of it.

Following are some of the metformin side effects: diarrhea, nausea, headache, vomiting, abdominal cramps, flatulence, gastrointestinal problems.

Some additional side effect that had happen to small amount of patient, but should be mentioned as well, is weight gain.

Allergic reactions such are difficulty in breathing, pain in the chest and swelling of mouth area, could also be caused by the use of this drug.
Appropriate medical intervention is a necessary to be applied.

Metformin side effects also includes:
sore throat,
pain during urinating,
dizziness and weakness,
loss of appetite,
changes in the stool,
pain in the muscles,
short breath,

These metformin side effects are reported by patients who are consuming it, so even if you have read indications, you should consult your doctor before starting the therapy with this drug.

When talking about side effects of drugs, you can see that there are those more and those that are less serious; in both cases it is important to visit your doctor without delay for changes in your treatment!